May 17, 2010

Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz Fighting Over Alex Rodriguez?

After Avril Lavigne and Lindsay Lohan’s controversial feud, now arisen to our sight are the two Hollywood splendors, Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz who have been fighting over Alex Rodriguez. After breaking up with Kate Hudson, A-Rod and Cameron Diaz have been together for a while although they don’t seem to be rushing for any commitment right now. "She [Diaz] thinks it's a joke Kate would be mad . . . Kate is only upset because she hates being single," claimed one of Cameron Diaz’s friends. According to the news, Kate Hudson has been ‘hating’ Cameron ever since Cameron Diaz and A-Rod are dating. 
"Kate thinks Cameron is an aging old-lady actress struggling to remain sexy and relevant," said a source about Kate, “and Kate hates Cameron.”

May 15, 2010

Delonte West Sleeps With Lebron James’ Mom??

If you noticed the deteriorating performance of Lebron James during Celtic’s Game Four, it is most likely caused by ‘Hey, I slept with your mom last night!’ apology tossed down by Delonte West. As disturbing as it may appear, Delonte West has been alleged to be having a sexual affair with Lebron James’ mom, Gloria James. Hell yeah, you probably just witnessed the biggest and nastiest scandal of NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers.

May 12, 2010

Miley Cyrus Was Caught Dirty Dancing With Adam Shankman!

After last year’s video of Miley giving Adam Shankman a lap dance, now spreading all over the web is a video of “Hannah Montana” star with the 45-year old producer dirty dancing and rubbing each other up! The video features not only the gay movie-maker grinding his rear on Miley’s back, but also Miley Cyrus who evidently was taking pleasure in it and giving him full access by putting her back into it.

Dancing With The Stars Results May 11 – Niecy Nash Got Kicked Off

It is awfully sad; the last woman standing on Dancing With The Stars lastly has to surrender her spot and got kicked off during the Dancing With The Stars’s elimination result show May 11. Even so, Niecy Nash declared to be adequately pleased with her 8 week completion as a 40-year old mom.
“I am a 40-year- old mother of three. I got three C-sections on my belly! I was able to survive in this competition this long against some fantastic people. I cannot hula hoop with a Cheerio and I’m one of the last women standing in this competition. I’ve had such a fantastic time living out my dream. I’m a happy girl.”

Emma the Amish Model on New American Pin Up

New American Pin Up has released its April Girl of the Month, and that featured Emma, an Amish model who presumably has kissed her Amish goodbye. Well, you don’t find an Amish model posing provocatively to sell her $39 underwear, do you? Yes, beg your pocket $39.99 + shipping then 1-Shoe Fly Pie, Emma’s Panties and a signed photo is all yours!

Erica Blasberg’s Death Updated!

Up until this second, the motive behind Erica Blasberg’s death was still mysterious and the police are still inspecting the incident. However, there are a few fine points we can connect to get the fact right!

To start with, there was a 911 call made from Blasberg’s house. It is not yet clear if the call was made by Erica Blasberg or somebody else in her household, but once 911 responder units arrived at her house, they found Erica Blasberg already died.

Erica Blasberg LPGA Golfer Dies Mysteriously

Erica Blasberg’s death has been a clandestine to every person ever since Erica Blasberg’s body was found dead at her house in Nevada on May 9. Rumors are spreading, and the police are still refusing to state out anything related to the 25-year old LPGA golfer’s death.

May 11, 2010

Avril Lavigne Snapped out on Lindsay Lohan during Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont

The “Mean Girls” starlet, Lindsay Lohan, has to bind herself in an unpleasant vendetta against the feminine rock star Avril Lavigne after Avril called her “fake” and “loser” in public. According to eyewitness, Lindsay Lohan was trying to approach Avril and her boyfriend Brody Jenner on their table when suddenly Avril rose up and yelled
"Get the hell out of my face, you are fake, you are a loser. I don't like false people. Stay away from me and my friends.”
The drama ended with Lindsay Lohan demanding dreadfully to get her frenemy kicked out from the occasion, which just won’t happen. What actually sparked the fire between these two young celebrities?

Lena Horne Died at Age 92, Lena Horne Biography

Lena Horne, the first black woman who is well-accepted in a long term contract in Hollywood, died on May 9 2010 at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. Spokesperson from Lena Horne’s family announced and confirmed Lena Horne’s death, although they refuse to reveal the cause. Lena Horned died at her 92, leaving an image as an elegant Hollywood star who averred on being known on her personal standings, not on positions enforced by anybody else of any color.

Betty White Saved SNL with Her Facebook Jokes

If there is a Hollywood woman known for her everlasting publicity, I’m sure it would be Betty White. The last episode of Saturday Night Live (SNL) was targeted as a Mother’s Day Episode and our “Golden Girl” Betty White hosts the evening show. Not only has the show gained a preliminary rating of 8.8, but also earned the highest rating of SNL since November 1, 2008.

On her gratitude for her fans on Facebook who had been putting on campaign to put on Betty White on SNL, she threw a hilarious joke that she has never heard of Facebook until a fan group for Betty White was made. “And now that I know what it is,” she said,
“it seems like a huge waste of time. … At my age, if I want to connect with my old friends, I need an Ouija board.”