May 17, 2010

Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz Fighting Over Alex Rodriguez?

After Avril Lavigne and Lindsay Lohan’s controversial feud, now arisen to our sight are the two Hollywood splendors, Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz who have been fighting over Alex Rodriguez. After breaking up with Kate Hudson, A-Rod and Cameron Diaz have been together for a while although they don’t seem to be rushing for any commitment right now. "She [Diaz] thinks it's a joke Kate would be mad . . . Kate is only upset because she hates being single," claimed one of Cameron Diaz’s friends. According to the news, Kate Hudson has been ‘hating’ Cameron ever since Cameron Diaz and A-Rod are dating. 
"Kate thinks Cameron is an aging old-lady actress struggling to remain sexy and relevant," said a source about Kate, “and Kate hates Cameron.”

Year 2007, we witnessed how Cameron Diaz broke up with her four-year-boyfriend Justin Timberlake, only to let him went out with Kate Hudson leaving Cameron with her broken heart. December 2009, we witnessed Kate Hudson broke up with Alex Rodriguez after constantly cheering for him at the Yankee stadium, only to let him went out to the Super Bowl with Cameron Diaz. 

Normal as it may seems, Kate Hudson think of it as a payback Cameron did to her. Now that we talk about revenge, I, WHAT IF this is a payback from A-Rod for Kate?